All According to Plan

Well, here we are…2017. A lot of us are surprised we made it…a lot of us may wish that we hadn’t. The world is, seemingly, in disarray. The sheep are out here going absolutely crazy, the media has perfected fake news, the bankers are scamming everyone, politics is a complete circus, the military has no idea what they’re fighting for and  then you have us few, the truthers, who everyone thinks is categorically nuts.

It’s really hard to know where to begin. I have created this blog in an attempt to inform the public of what is really happening  behind the headlines. My background is in military intelligence, which I am no longer a member. Like a lot of you, before I joined the military, I had my suspicions about truth and the nature of reality. I often could see right through the media’s lies and always felt inside that there was more going on than what the general public knows. It wasn’t until I was deep into the intelligence community that I had my proof that everything that the main stream media was churning out was COMPLETELY FALSE. The media is basically the propaganda branch of the military. There is psychological warfare going on and you know it’s working because most people have already fallen a victim to it all. You know who I’m talking about. You see them everyday! You work with them, you live with them, you study with them, you hang out with them…ect. But enough is enough. It’s our responsibility to wake them up to the truth.

Now I didn’t want to get into anything too deep or revealing for this opening post, but stay tuned as we analyze what is really going on in what seems to be a war for our minds for at least thousands of years. We have a lot of information to discuss and nothing is off limits. Please feel free to suggest topics that we  can dive into. Buckle up and enjoy the ride…Thanks for reading.

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